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Recent college grad, torn between science and art. Fandoms I like/reblog include BTTF, Hunger Games, Nerdfighteria, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avengers, HP, Psych, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project, Agents of SHIELD. Also an avid lover of movies, books, television, youtube, science, art, music, and cute animals.

Previous tumblr URLs include therealzehner, mocking-the-capitol, freecoltpeacemaker, b-b-b-benny, and clara-and-the-doctor.
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So I just watched the Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode from this year, and I think one/both of the writers for that episode might be nerdfighers…evidence below

  1. Louise chose to wear an Edward Scissorhands costume that year, and her mom was trying to convince her to use spoons because they’re less dangerous; she called it “Edward Spoonhands”, which is Hank’s tumblr URL.
  2. Also the kids learn about this teenage prank that happens every year called Hell Hunt, and Gene mistakenly called it “Helen Hunt” at one point. Hank Green loves Helen Hunt. This cannot be a mistake…